Camperplaats reeuwijk

Temporarily closed!

About us

The camper place in Reeuwijk, Gouda and surroundings.

Watch out! Due to various activities on the site, we are closed indefinitely. We apologize for that.

Camperplaats Reeuwijk is located in a quiet, beautiful location. The location is suitable for all types of motorhomes and has the necessary amenities you need for your stay. Think of both sanitary and power facilities. For a complete overview of all amenities click here. Book simple and easy by pressing ‘book directly’. We know, as you do, that a booking doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why it’s just paying for us and everything is arranged immediately!

If you prefer to reserve a place on site, you can. Camper pitches 6 to 10 are kept free and serve as free places. You cannot reserve these places in advance.

Camperplaats Reeuwijk has 10 camper pitches. For online booking you have the option to choose from places 1 to 5. For an overview of the camper places with descriptions, click on the menu camper pitches..


Camperplaats Reeuwijk Sanitary Drinking Water
our amenities

Amenities & Travel Guide

Free WiFi
Access codes can be found in the booking email.
Free parking

If you expect guests, they can park for free.

Free power

Extended power supply, 16A secured.

Free sanitation

Toilets and showers accessible. Course you can also empty and clean your cassette toilet for free.

Free drinking water

To be found at the drinking taps on site.

Small pets
Small pets are allowed. Think dogs, cats, birds.
Free waste water discharge

Dirty water can be discharged free of charge.

Get moving!

For all ages there is something to do. For example, you can rent bicycles, electric scooters, sups, canoes and electric boats at Sup and Watershop. Can’t you choose between cycling or running out of water? No problem, Sup and water shop also rents pedalboats! So take a quick look.

Sup and water shop

Sup and watershop is an official partner of Camperplaats Reeuwijk. They have everything to give your stay just that little extra. But a 10-minute walk? That’s right! No fuss, so settled.


Camperplaats Reeuwijk knows just like you how healthy and soothing it is to take a walk. Around our camper place there are plenty of fun walking routes in Reeuwijk. The most notorious walking route is around the Reeuwijkse Plassen. This is definitely something you should have done! Check out the route here.

Fitness? Course!

We at Camperplaats Reeuwijk also consider your health to be just as important as ours. Therefore, in cooperation with sport centre Doets,there is the possibility to use the fitness equipment for a small fee. Doets Sports Centre is located directly on site. Click here to go to the website and inquire about the possibilities!

A fine camper place

Quickly arranged!

Our camper place is arranged in such a way that it is easy to book a place. Don’t pay too much and enjoy our amenities.